Haussmann makes no distinction between his life and his art. "I am who I am," he says, "and that is what I paint. I live my art. Art is a lifestyle – it is what I believe, and it defines me even as I create it. What is important to me is sharing my thoughts and beliefs, and keeping an eye on the cultural and political and social environment as our earth progresses." The physical environment is a matter of intense concern to Haussmann. He divides his time between the Boston area and rural Maine, where he contributes to the building of a nature preserve and creates environmental sculptures. His paintings, though rigorously abstract, reflect that same dedication. They are saturated with the atmosphere of the natural world. "I want to show you the fragile environment, the intensity of connection that you experience when you go outdoors," says Haussmann. "I hope to make people more sensitive, more aware, more critical of the world that surrounds us." Bernd Haussmann was born in Germany and moved to the Unites States over a decade ago. He now shares his time between Massachusetts and Maine, maintaining studios in both locations. He has had solo shows in galleries across the country and has work in numerous major public and private collections. His work has appeared in such publications as Metropolitan Home, Elle Decor, and The Boston Globe.