Elizabeth W. Leary paints poetic and precise architectural landscapes and still lifes. Her eye is uniquely developed to see both the architectural and spiritual essence of her subjects and to find in them beauty, peace and harmony. Mrs. Leary's approach to color in her work further enhances the simplicity and clarity she seeks. Primarily emphasizing a palette of earth colors and the nuances of shadow, she gives her paintings depth and texture. Her use of glazing techniques and layering of washes allows her to preserve the smooth, crisp surface of her works, yet suffuse them with warmth, light and mystery. There is a moody, perhaps even melancholy sense that draws collectors to her work. Mrs. Leary has worked with architects, most notably Walter Gropius and The Architects Collaborative in Cambridge, MA. She has had over thirty one-man shows and enjoys a diverse and extremely enthusiastic following of collectors.