Every painting is a question I pose to myself, about the landscape, about my relationship to my environment, about the specificities of where I am. How does this moment feel? How does the atmosphere, the topography, the light affect me? How can I communicate these sensations honestly and clearly? The answer comes through editing, through paring down and cutting out extraneous detail to discover what is essential about a place. The answer also comes through using paint as an investigative tool that can take on the textures and colors of earth and sky, allowing me to reconstruct my surroundings on the canvas. All the work begins with direct observation and, by asking and answering questions, grows into a painting that does not illustrate but embodies the qualities of a particular moment in a particular landscape. I am a painter of a very specific region and I want my viewers to feel instinctively where these paintings come from. I am paying homage, as well as feeding my own need to be oriented, to be grounded, to know where I am and to feel connected to that place.  EDUCATION: MFA    2011     Painting    University of North Carolina at Greensboro BA      2005      Studio Art     University of Virginia, BA with Distinction   SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: Upcoming    Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA Upcoming    Les Yeux du Monde, Charlottesville, VA 2016        November Gallery, Richmond, VA 2016         Landing, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA 2015         Summer Scenes, Les Yeux du Monde, Charlottesville, VA 2014        Knowing a Place, Bridgewater College Gallery, Bridgewater, VA 2014         A Take on Spring, New City Art Space, Charlottesville, VA 2013        Surveying Light, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA 2013         Seeing Summer, Les Yeux du Monde, Charlottesville, VA 2013        A Year in the Foothills, J Fergeson Gallery, Farmville, VA 2012         Les Yeux du Monde, Charlottesville, VA 2011        Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art, Greensboro, NC 2011        New Work, J Fergeson Gallery, Farmville, VA 2011        Christina Ray Gallery, New York, NY 2011             MFA Thesis Exhibition, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC 2010             Elliot University Center Gallery, UNC Greensboro, NC 2010            Size Matters, Center for the Creative Arts, Greensboro, NC 2009             Homeland, J Fergeson Gallery, Farmville, VA 2008              Greenwood, The North Gallery, Crozet, VA 2008             Reminiscence, The Gallery at Fifth and Water, Charlottesville, VA 2008               Show for Emerging Artists, Kaller Fine Arts, Alexandria, VA 2007        Horizons II, The Gallery at Fifth and Water, Charlottesville, VA 2006        Ridgelines, The Mezzanine Gallery, Charlottesville, VA   AWARDS & RESIDENCIES: 2013    “Best Of Cville” award for Best Visual Artist 2011-Present    Renting Member, McGuffey Arts Center, Charlottesville, Virginia.     Studio awarded through juried application process.  2010 – 2011    Thrush, Holderness, and Howard Scholarships, University of North Carolina at Greensboro 2010    Graduate Assistantship (Summer)     2009             Visiting Artist, Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, Ireland 2008    Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Residency, Amherst, Virginia   ARTIST LECTURES: 2014            Guest Lecturer, Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, Virginia 2012    Studio Critique Sessions, Advanced Painting, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 2008            Visiting Lecturer, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia   PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 2011- 2013    Adjunct Faculty, University of Virginia. 2010- 2011    Teaching Assistant, University of North Carolina at Greensboro  2010- 2011        Gallery Co-Director, University of North Carolina at Greensboro             Elliot Union Center Gallery 2009- 2011        Graduate Assistant, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Assisting Painting, Drawing, and Art History faculty  2008 – 2009    Director of Exhibitions at South Street Brewery, Charlottesville, Virginia 2008    Art Teacher, Spectrum Art Program, Tandem Friends School, Charlottesville, Virginia. 2007            Art Teacher, Oakland School. Keswick, Virginia   PUBLICATIONS: Pesch, Allie Marchall, “Isabelle Abbot’s Land Portraits Are Getting Snapped Up.”  The Crozet Gazette, 2009 Crean, Brian. “Size (& location) Matters.”  Yes! Weekly, 2010 Abbot, Isabelle. “Painting and the Experience of Place in the Southern Landscape.” University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 2011 Sargent, Sarah. “A Brush with Spring.” Cville Weekly, 2012 “Best Visual Artist: 2013” Cville Weekly, 2013 Casey, Elizabeth,. “Cville Niche, Local Artist Check In.” Cville Weekly, 2014