This series explores the simple idea of moonlight through clouds. Working originally from images of moonlight over a beach, the images then evolved into more abstract interpretations that emphasize the ability of clouds to reflect a myriad of colors. At times, I feel the clouds are the best scenery in the city. Sitting in a car in traffic, I find myself staring out at the beautiful sky filled with clouds or clear and blue. The clouds parade across the sky of their own design. The light piercing through is brighter than anything around but the sun. At night the moon provides the back-lighting for the clouds adding a new set of colors to the palette. Nature is full of mystery offering great subject matter for realism or abstraction. My goal is to blend the two. Inspiration from nature is nothing new actually it's a fundamental concept for most artists to work from. I found though that I was impressed by cloud formations but had not imagined using them as content for my work because of the sheer simplicity of the idea. When I discovered I wanted to learn more, I found a whole world of information and material that I could explore. Now I feel I have just begun studying water vapor in the air and all the magic it holds.