Polly Jones grew up in West Texas surrounded by a vast sky and parents who encouraged her love for art. She earned a BFA at Abilene Christian University. In a life altering convergence, she met her future husband in a studio classroom while working on her first still life painting of glass. The subject matter of still life painting would become a passion that has occupied her for the last 35 years. She shares a sunny converted porch studio with her artist/professor husband. They have a creative and lovely grown daughter.  Vivid color is one of the first things people notice about her paintings and an important part of connecting with others on an emotional level. She paints from life, layering maps, poetry, vintage Golden Book Encyclopedia pages and various other papers into the paint. This is a way to include multiple voices in the work and open it up to personal interpretations. Included in many paintings is a polka dot grid referring to spirituality that permeates all things. The work emerges from a sustained, meditative gaze at everyday objects and creates a space where mundane becomes magical.