Sarah Otts' elegant oil abstracts find a unique balancing point between minimalism and clamor. Otts gives over the majority of each painting to a field of pale paint, which ripples in endless subtle shades of gray. The paint is moved with power and assurance across the canvas, leaving wide arcs and silent brushstrokes behind it in the rich, refractory way that only oil paint can achieve. Onto this monotone landscape, Otts then sprinkles tiny sparks of color: a dab, or a single stroke partially painted over. They are not shapes, but glimpses of shapes that immediately lose themselves in the overarching energy and movement of the painting. Varying between delicacy and radical colors in this way, Otts creates a rhythm that is almost audible to the viewer in its dramatic punctuation marks and slinky undulations. Otts was born in Mobile, Alabama, where she has since returned to work after traveling to study art. Her latest series, entitled "Play Time," is an effort to link the spontaneity of Expressionist painting to the carefree attitude of childhood.