Anne Neilson

About the Artist

Anne Herring Neilson began her career with a successful pottery business – Herring Designs, Inc. – from 1989 – 1997.  After a brief interlude from the business to focus on her family, she rekindled her passion for art in oil painting in 2003.  Since that time, Anne has immersed herself in her life-long dream to become a successful artist. 

Although Anne is known for her vibrant landscapes, it is her angel series that has most captured the hearts of her clients.

Chosen by the Charlotte Symphony for their 75th Anniversary Spirit of the Symphony Award, Anne Neilson’s Angel Series original oil paintings are stunning representations of her artistic flair for color and light.  Now sought out and collected by discerning art appreciators, her work will no doubt continue to grow in value as she continues to receive critical acclaim.