With titles such as “Purpose”, “Conviction” and “Initiative”, it seems that sometimes Mobile-based Sarah Otts’ paintings are teaching her life lessons.  Otts states, “As an abstract expressionist painter, the raw, impulsive brush stroke is an essential element in my compositions. There are no preliminary sketches, just gestural, reactive markings.” These reactions are the cornerstone of her work and they are the manifestation of her restless enthusiasm to make the most of every moment of each day.  This restlessness worked out in her paintings can be linked to her struggle and path through a personal experience or a particular dilemma in her life. Her paintings ultimately allow her to find a resolve in her life outside of the studio as well as gratification with the completed works inside her studio.  Otts graduated from The University of Mississippi in 2007 with a BFA in painting.  She currently lives in Mobile, Alabama and works as a full-time artist artist and a full-time mother of 2.

Anne Irwin Fine Art will be opening a show for Sarah Otts on September 18th from 6-8:30 pm.
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