Laurie Fisher

p26, 2020
Oil on Arches 400 lb paper
16 x 12 in

Laurie Fisher

Painting is my personal, visceral response to the world.  I use paint to evoke something aesthetically raw and authentic. Color and form are my subjects.

Each painting emerges from path of its own. Resolution of the painting is the goal from the first mark, and I spend a great deal of time thinking about the work, in and out of the studio. I work to build and balance the painting's architecture using color, lots of white, lines, organic shapes, straight edges, layers. Many paintings take months to resolve. Finished work feels aesthetically balanced and true.

The tools I use:  oil paints, oil sticks, graphite and colored pencils, sharpies, rulers, tape.  I use mostly flat brushes, bits of cardboard, credit cards, anything with a clean edge.

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