Lindsey Porter

Petal Pusher, 2020
Acrylic ink, india ink and watercolor
24 x 36 in (60.96 x 91.44 cm)

Lindsey Porter

The imaginative paintings of American, Southern artist, Lindsey J. Porter are exhibited and collected across the U.S. and her most recent work has received attention from collectors and galleries, internationally. Born in Alabama, Porter had a very colorful childhood where creativity was innate and her artistic expression in the fine arts was encouraged. By 11 years old, Porter was an apprentice to a professional artist, and was selling her own artwork be the time she was a teenager. Savannah College of Art and Design awarded her the May Porter Scholarship and from there, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

After college, Porter started a fine art business, creating work in various mediums such as photography, film making, and painting. Merging the mediums of painting and photographer

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Petal Pusher by Lindsey Porter
Petal Pusher by Lindsey Porter
Petal Pusher by Lindsey Porter

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