Eileen Power

Smooth Sailing, 2020
Oil on Canvas
48 x 48 in

Eileen Power

My paintings are about space, energy and the paint.  While my paintings are greatly influenced by “place”, reflecting the light, color and atmosphere where they are made, the soul of the work is internal and drawn from personal memories and relationships and the feelings generated by such. 

While the color sets the mood the shapes tell the story. 

Recent work has been a celebration of women and an exploration of  femininity and strength. 



Considered an “outsider” or self-taught artist, my formal education in business management did little to prepare me for this satisfying career.  Yet, all that I’ve done and all that I’ve been has found it’s way into the “work”. 

I’ve had the good fortune to work with a number of master teachers including Ms. Chery Baird of Atlanta and Steven Aimone of Asheville, NC and Monhegan Island, ME. 


Eileen Power currently works from her home studio in Atlanta while dividing her time between this urban environment and the low country of South Carolina.   Her work has won awards in numerous juried exhibitions in the Southeast and hangs in corporate and private collections across the country. 


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