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Maureen Chatfield
My paintings are intuitive responses to the myriad forces that shape my life—emotions that translate into color, visual memories of forms and color relationships found in the landscape, and personal stories from my past. I have painted consistently since childhood, and though I have worked in watercolor and most frequently in oil, I am currently painting in acrylic, which enables me to work at lightening speed. My working process is one of constant experiment and change—the building of layers of color, form and image on the canvas and the subtle revelation of the underlying pentimento. My paintings are not planned, they are discovered, an evolution that is exciting and invigorating. Of my three current series, Ether is the more interior, emerging directly from what is in my head, while my Landscapes arise from direct experience—what I see in nature, captured by my internal camera and explosively transformed. Out of My Mind also focuses on direct experience; however, the experience is of human nature—traumatic and mysterious events, family gatherings and childhood memories. Together, these series forms a body of work that transcends topicality and embraces an ever-expanding category-defying approach to art that reflects my desire to spread beauty and joy through the transformative power of the creative process. Currently on staff teaching, Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton NJ, Painting the Modern Landscape 2018 December 5-9, Art Miami 2018 July 16 , American Scholar Magazine article “Breaking Away From the Horizon” 2018 June, John Cacciola Gallery, Bernardsville, NJ 2018 May, New York Art Fair 2018 February Group Show Rosenberg Gallery, 19. e. 66th street 2017 January, Palm Beach Art Fair 2017 June, Art Hampton, South Hampton Art Fair 2017 May, NY Art Fair, 2016 August, Jurried NAWA, NYC 2016 Spring Masters Show, Armory, Park and 67th 2016 Oct. The International Armory show of Fine Art & Antiques. Park Avenue at 67th . 2015 Rosenberg Gallery, Solo Exhibition, July-September 2015 Rosenberg Gallery, Group Collage Exhibition, May 2015 Rosenberg Gallery, Spring 2015, E. 66th st. NYC 2015 Cavalier Gallery, solo exhibition, W. 57St. NYC 2014 Mansion in May, Peapack, NJ 2014 Anne Irwin White on White Group Show 2014 Lambertville Historic Society Art Show, curated by Ross Mitchell, Barnes Foundation, PA 2013 Hunterdon Museum Staff Show June 2013 2013 S.H.E. Gallery Boonton solo-, NJ 2013 Summit Art Center, Group Show, Summit, NJ 2012 Hunterdon Cultural Society, Invitational Exhibition,.Prallsville Mill, Stockton, NJ 2011 J. Cacciola Gallery, NY, NY,Two Person Exhibition 2011 Anne Irwin Gallery, Atlanta, Group Show 2011 Burnt Mills Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Bernardsville, NJ 2011 Chubb World Wide Headquarters Solo Exhibition 2011 Cavalier Galleries, Greenwich, Ct, Nantucket, MA 2011 Mansion in May, Morristown, NJ 2010 DTR Modern Gallery,Rediscovering Abstract Expressionism,Group Show, Boston 2010 Solo Show- Johnson and Johnson World Wide Headquarters, NJ 2009 Kips Bay Decorator Show House,22 East 71st. Street NY, NY, Litchen Craig rooms 2007 Spanierman Gallery 45 E. 58th Street, NY, NY 2006 Solo Show, Riverside Studio, Far Hills NJ 2005 Tewksbury Historical Society Art Show Award, Landscapes 1996 Mountain Art Show, Bernardsville, NJ, Award 1995 The Artists Magazine, NATIONAL AWARD Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton NJ, Award Mountain Art Show, Bernardsville, NJ, Award 1990 Lamington Art Show, Bedminster NJ, Award Solo- Riverside Studio, Far Hills, NJ Tewksbury Historical Society Art Show, Tewksbury, NJ Award Wild Life Show, Englewood Cliffs, Englewood NJ Collections Private and Corporate Collections in New York, Paris, Spain, Brussels including: Paintings rented for Television series: Necessary Roughness, Catch,Fire, Release Rosenberg Collections, N.Y. Kimmelman Collection, N.Y. Levy Collection, NY,NY Johnson Collection, Far Hills NJ, and NY,NY Britton collection, New Jersey Cox collection, Board Member Whitney Museum, New York, NY Decca Records New York, NY, and Los Angeles Habsburg collection, Palm Beach, Florida Washburn Collection, Naples Florida Merck collection, New Jersey Kean Collection, New York, NY P.L.Kennedy collection, East Hampton, NY Sherman and Sterling New York, NY Tiffany and Co,. New York, NY Education Art Students League, NY, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia,,h_400,c_fill/kswqon8sl2b49tiaq4v5.jpg