“Throughout this body of work, I am utilizing rich color to create fields of fragments reminiscent of fields of wildflowers, inviting the viewer to not only experience the collection of fragments as a whole, but to look closer and notice how each fragment is formed. While a field of colorful flowers viewed from a distance is an excellent metaphor for a feeling of joy and abundance; it is important to recognize the smaller parts that make up such an experience. By painting an abundance of small fragments on a large scale, I pay particular attention to the formation of each fragment. Using paint as the external force to alter each shape, some shapes are full and round, while others are eroded away in a series of scooped concave edges. It is important to me that the resulting shapes in my work are not representative of any certain type of flower. While my focus begins with the notion of an abundant field, through my artistic process my focus shifts to form, and ends in fragment. With each painting I strive to further refine my personal artistic language by refining my brushwork, in order to better communicate my feelings about human experience, in particular that my life is altered by the physical and interpersonal environments that surround and shape me.” 


- Kit Porter




When will I be able to purchase?

There will be no pre-sales. All work will be available to purchase when released Friday, May 13th at 10 am!


Can I get an early preview?

The only early preview will be sent out May 11th at 10 am to Kit's list.


Will there by any discounts given on Kit's new collection? 

Due to high demand, no discounts will be offered.


What sizes will be available? 

There will be a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 8 inches up to 72 inches.


Do I need to pay shipping? 

If you are out of state, you will pay shipping in addition to the price of the painting (sales tax will be excluded). Shipping quotes will be provided in the collection preview.


Is the event open to the public? 

Yes! The opening reception and meet + greet with Kit is free and open to the public 2 pm - 5 pm Friday May 13th! We look forward to seeing you there!



690 Miami Circle NE
Atlanta, GA 30324


690 Miami Circle NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
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