Brian Coleman: Under the Influence

American contemporary painter Brian Coleman was born in 1979 in New Jersey. Prior to devoting his time fully to painting, Brian studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Charlotte and worked as a graphic designer as well as filming and editing over the years, which has had a clear influence on his work. Brian currently paints and lives in Charleston, SC with his wife, son, dog and cat. 

Coleman is driven by his day to day emotions in life while creating alongside music in his in-home studio. Through this process, he continues to explore the conceptual and emotional aspects he experiences while building layered surfaces with form, shape and line. 

The forms and shapes, large or small, geometric or organic are influenced by how Coleman is feeling at the time and how the music moves him to express himself on canvas. One day he may be painting more structured geometric shapes and another day may be looser organic forms; he can easily and seamlessly toggle between the two styles. The method that he chooses on any given day is dependent on his life experiences during that day: chaotic or content. The work naturally and organically breathing paint onto the canvas with energy and emotion, instead of forcing something inconsequential. 

"It's a continuous ride in art and in life, I have to allow all the good, the bad and the ugly that life brings into the studio so that I can explore the truth in my outward expression." 

His artwork is currently exhibited at The George Gallery in Charleston, SC and Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta, GA. Over the years he has exhibited at Hart Witzen, Gallery 45, Green Rice, Center of the Earth and Modern Eye in Charlotte, NC. Coleman’s work and reputation continues to spread from coast to coast and has recently landed him several large scale commissions and collaborations. His commissioned works can be found in the lobby of 1250 Broadway (NYC), the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Atlanta, GA), and The Spectator Hotel (Charleston, SC), to name a few.


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